Throat Onsen at Kannawa Hoyotan Onsen
Yesterday Jiho-San lent us his car as he was busy. Silvan, Simon and I went on an Onsen crawl around Beppu. First was the mud onsen at Beppu Onsen Hoyoland but the water was a bit cool. After a delicious lunch (see pic), we went to Kannawa Hyotan Onsen which some locals near the temple recommended. WOW! I started with a sand bath where you wear a yukata and disposable underpants and bury yourself in hot sand – I loved it. The boys fell asleep so I went to the women’s baths. WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW! There were indoor and outdoor baths, a waterfall bath where the pressure from the water falling was perfect for a massage, pebble baths and finally a throat onsen. It was a divine onsen with really hot water. I lost count of the number of baths I experienced yesterday – a perfect problem.

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  1. Bindy
    Bindy says:

    An Onsen crawl – fantastic – yes the baths are very near by – and choice ! Throat bath, how was it I wonder….never heard of it. Lunch looked great too. yum yum.

    B xx

  2. Estelle Pizer
    Estelle Pizer says:

    The throat bath was strange! You just put your mouth close to the end of the pipe and inhale. The steam cleans the throat. I think Peter would love it here but it’s not a very strict temple! Much love to you xoxxx


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