Ceremonies and Stone Buddhas

Today for the second time we went with Jiho-San whilst he performed a ceremony of chanting and prayer at a local house in the village. The grandfather died a month ago. There are 7 ceremonies that are performed over the first 100 days after someone dies. The family are so kind to let us come and pray with them.


Kyoko-San, the local post-office woman who also runs a sake brewery made us dinner again tonight. There is only one dish shown in the gallery but there were at least 5 dishes that she made for us including fried horse mackerel where you eat the whole fish. After dinner she just started massaging me and continued to for the next hour. She will massage me again she said on Sunday.


A few days ago we went to see the Usuki Stone Buddhas which are a national treasure in Japan and the first designated in Kysuhu. They are carved from volcanic rock from Aso-San and believed to have been created in the Heian (794-1185) and Kamakura (1185-1333) eras though no-one knows why. It was a very magical place.


If I could work out how to add a website on WordPress or fix up the gallery… just google Usuki Buddhas for more information if you are interested.